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AIHA's Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC

2017 Administrative Changes to AIHA-LAP, LLC Policies

AIHA-LAP has revised some of its Policy Modules to include a PCR field of testing under the environmental microbiology program and to update accreditation symbols used by AIHA LAP laboratories. Other administrative include:

  • Updated definition in Module 9 for "In-House Quality Control Samples"
  • Revised Modules 3 and 4 language on immediate suspension, withdrawal or denial accreditation 
  • Removal of specific personnel qualification for Technical Manager and Quality Manager from AIHA-LAP Policy Modules 2A, 2B and 2E.

These revised Policy Modules, which are effective immediately, can be found on the Policy Section of the web site in the Track Changes Format at 2017 Administrative Changes to AIHA-LAP, LLC Accreditation Policy Modules​.  

Note: AIHA LAP will not pursue any additional policy changes in 2017 due to the anticipated release of the revised Standard ISO/IEC 17025.


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