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AIHA LAP LLC > Newsfeed > Posts > Dixie Marlin Joins Site Assessor Ranks
Dixie Marlin Joins Site Assessor Ranks

​AIHA-LAP is pleased to announce that Dixie Marlin has officially joined the Site Assessor ranks having undergone and successfully passed all required training.

Dixie has considerable experience with organic chemistry and microbiology, industrial hygiene analyses, metals, wet chemistry analyses, environmental lead, asbestos by PCM, PLM and TEM, aquatic toxicity, cryptosporidium/giardia, mold and various specialty analyses.  She began her career with the University of Kentucky, Department of Agronomy, then moved to the UK Regulatory Services Department supporting the state’s agricultural regulatory program.  She later served in a position in soil chemistry research at the University of Cincinnati, Center Hill Research Facility (a Superfund site.)  Dixie also worked for DataChem Laboratories-Cincinnati, as a GC/MS Chemist then as a QA/QC Coordinator; for Environmental Science Corporation as a Technical Specialist/QC Manager; and, for Accutest Laboratories, Inc. as a Functional Validation Manager.

Dixie now owns and operates a consulting company performing various supporting activities in commercial laboratory operations.  She is an EPA approved drinking water assessor for organics and Cryptosporidium.  Dixie is also an approved assessor for at least one other accreditation body. Welcome Dixie!


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