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Fall 2016 Newsletter

Upgraded Data M​anagement System Launch Planned by Year-End

AIHA-LAP is in the process of upgrading its data management system which will result in an online platform for the entire accreditation processes and cover everything from the application phase to the AAB accreditation decision. The plan is to launch the new platform by year-end after which we will develop training materials including but not limited to webinars and videos to help our laboratories, volunteers and site assessors. This new system will make the accreditation process more efficient for all those involved. For more information, please contact Geneva Bowman at or at 703 846-0791.

Expect 2017 Accreditation LLC Invoices in December 

Due to upgrades in our data management system, AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs’ invoices will be sent out later this year than in the past. The 2017 invoices will be generated in December 2016 vs. the month of October. We greatly appreciate our laboratories’ patience while this upgrade takes place. For billing assistance or more information about the 2017 invoices, contact Anthony Hodge at or at (703) 846-0796.   

2016 Accreditation Policies Ef​fective October 3

AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC released revised Accreditation Policies on August 3, 2016 that became effective October 3, and can be found on the Accreditation Policies section of our website.  All currently accredited and applicant labs should be using the most recent Accreditation Application (which can also be found on our web site). Our currently accredited labs have already received a copy of the Site Assessment Checklist. We ask that our labs contact Lena Bulgakova at (703) 846-0796 or at if they have questions or need a copy of the Checklist.

Revision of ISO 17025 Expected in 2017

ISO’s Conformity Assessment Standards Committee or CASCO is currently undertaking a revision of ISO 17025:2005 – the Standard by which our labs are accredited.  As of now, the Working Group charged with revising the Standard has agreed that the current standard does not need to be significantly changed. Still, the revised Standard will look significantly different due to the adoption of requirements to:

  • Make the Standard more performance-based
  • Address impartiality
  • Expand traceability requirements
  • Expand complaints requirements
  • Separate testing and calibration requirements

AIHA-LAP accredited laboratories will be notified when the revised Standard is released in late 2017 and provide information about the implementation timeline.

AIHA Appoints Ne​w CEO

The American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA) announced that its board of directors has appointed Lawrence “Larry” D. Sloan, CAE, as the new CEO, effective October 17, 2016 to lead the largest national association dedicated to protecting worker health. Sloan is currently President/CEO of the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), the leading trade association serving the specialty chemical sector. He is a seasoned association professional known for his track record in passing national legislation and regulations, building coalitions with other trade groups, and introducing state-of-the-art products, services, and tools to benefit SOCMA members.

LAS Tricia Sheehan L​eaves AIHA-LAP

Tricia Sheehan left her position as Proficiency Testing and Laboratory Accreditation Specialist on September 14 to pursue a new opportunity in Boston and be closer to her family. Over the nearly four and a half years that Tricia has been with AIHA-LAP, she has contributed so much to the Accreditation LLC including revising the new Form 2 and proficiency testing policies as well as providing input to help with the new data management system.  She will be missed by not only the staff but also by site assessors and volunteers with whom she has worked. The LLC team is looking to fill this LAS position sometime before the end of the year.

RTI to Host Fall AAB Meeting

RTI International in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina will host the next Analytical Accreditation Board (AAB) meeting at its facilities on Monday, November 14.  The meeting will conclude with a tour of RTI’s facilities on Tuesday, November 15.  At this meeting, the AAB will address modified methods, personnel requirements and a new field of testing for EMLAP.  The AAB will also deliberate on recommendations from the AAB and TAP Appointment Committee and discuss marketing and communications.  RTI is an accredited AIHA-LAP laboratory and an accredited provider of proficiency samples including those for lead, asbestos and beryllium under the AIHA-PAT Programs.  For more information about the AAB meeting, contact Cheryl Morton at​ or 703-847-0789.​

LAP Shines at AIHce 2016

LAP Staff Shines at AIHce 2016
The American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce) took place May 21-26 in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a must-attend event for industrial hygiene/occupational health professionals of all levels and specialties. Attendees discovered information and strategies they need to protect worker health, while taking advantage of several networking opportunities to grow their professional network. The event featured vendors and services, like LAP, from across the OEHS spectrum. You can find the full list of LAP accredited labs who exhibited at AIHce 2016 below. LAP is proud to have been a part of AIHce and we look forward to seeing everyone next year! 

LAP Labs at AIHce 2016

LAP Labs at AIHce 2016

  • A&B Labs
  • Advanced Chemical Testing
  • Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc.
  • ALS Environmental
  • Analytics Corporation
  • Assay Technology, Inc./AT Labs/MNR Services
  • Assured Bio Labs, LLC
  • EMLab P&K + TestAmerica
  • EMSL Analytical, Inc.
  • Environmental Hazards Services, LLC
  • Hayes Microbial
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Pace Analytical Services, Inc
  • PathCon Laboratories
  • QuanTEM Laboratories
  • RJ Lee Group, Inc.
  • RTI International
  • SafeBridge Consultants, Inc
  • SanAir Technologies Laboratory, Inc.
  • Scientific Analytical Institute, Inc.
  • SGS Galson
  • The AMA Companies
  • Travelers Laboratory
  • U.S. Micro-Solutions, Inc.

Food LAP

The AIHA-Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP), LLC’s Food Laboratory Accreditation Program (FoodLAP) is intended for all laboratory, company, government, trade, and independent organizations that perform tests on food products and associated ingredients, including but not limited to, raw agricultural commodities, finished food product, ingredients, in-process samples and associated environmental samples. 

In addition to the general requirements found in ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, AIHA-LAP offers use of the AOAC International Guidelines for Laboratories Performing Microbiological and Chemical Analyses of Food, Dietary Supplements, and Pharmaceuticals - An Aid to the Interpretation of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and APLAC TC 007 Guidelines for Food Testing Laboratories as additional, specific criteria for laboratories seeking accreditation within this field. These documents have been identified as the type of model that would be utilized in conjunction with the application of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The AOAC guidelines are offered by AIHA-LAP as accreditation requirements, as they provide detailed criteria to aid in assessing the essential requirements for performing these types of analyses. The document also provides a section-by-section interpretation of the general ISO/IEC 17025 requirements as they apply to a life science laboratory and contains additional accreditation criteria found in three appendices. The first of which covers laboratory equipment and offers additional minimum requirements on calibration, verification and maintenance frequencies; the second contains specific criteria for microbiology; and the third offers additional criteria on pharmaceutical analysis.

Any food testing laboratory that wants to operate internationally should obtain ISO IEC 17025 accreditation; Not only does it enhance credibility but it also guarantees uniformity of standards and a higher level of safety around the world, all of which are factors that can increase competiveness in the marketplace. Establish your laboratory's technical competence and reliability in data with accreditation. Learn more about how your lab might be a good fit for our FoodLAP program here.

How does my lab prepare for accreditation?

The first step to becoming accredited is preparing your application. Ensure you are using the most current version of the application and that it aligns with the current AIHA-LAP, LLC Policy Modules. You must purchase and provide proof of ownership, of the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005, General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. Be familiar and comply with all relevant AIHA-LAP, LLC Policy Modules and ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Lastly, submit the application and requested attachments, including a copy of the Quality Manual, via electronic means and delete all forms that the laboratory is not required to complete before submitting the application.


AIHA-LAP in the Synergist

Did you know the August issue of the Synergist was the Lab issue? Our director, Cheryl Morton, wrote a piece for the magazine describing the upcoming refinements AIHA-LAP has in store. Read the full article here​ and learn more about AIHA-LAP’s exciting goals for the future.​


The following laboratories were accredited for the first time by AIHA-LAP or were accredited for the first time for new AIHA-LAP program(s) in 2016:

Lab ID​​ Lab Name​ Program(s)​
203769 AIH Laboratory​​ IHLAP, ELLAP, EMLAP
162952 SanAir Technologies Laboratory IHLAP
102530 State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa FoodLAP
102754 ProScience Analytical Services, Inc. IHLAP
151772 Envirocheck, Inc. IHLAP
102992 EMSL Analytical, Inc. IHLAP
173499 Forensic Analytical Laboratories, Inc. IHLAP
221504 EMLab P&K, LLC. EMLAP
223278 EMSL Analytical, Inc. EMLAP

To review the full list of our newly accredited and reaccredited labs each month, click here.

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