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Fall 2017 Newsletter


AIHA-LAP Has a Strong Presence @ AIHce 2017

A very successful and well-attended American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce EXP 2017) was held June 4–7, 2017 in Seattle, WA. This is AIHA’s legacy conference and expo for industrial hygiene and occupational health professionals of all levels and specialties. This year’s conference featured exhibits from over 200 vendors and services including AIHA-LAP, which promoted the value of accredited labs and directed participants to AIHA-LAP accredited labs exhibiting. AIHA-LAP thanks the following accredited labs exhibiting at AIHce EXP 2017. 

  • ​​​A&B Labs
  • Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc.
  • ALS Environmental​
  • Analytics Corporation
  • Assured Bio Labs, LLC
  • Bureau Veritas/Maxxam Analytics
  • EMLab P&K + TestAmerica
  • EMSL Analytical, Inc.
  • ESIS Health, Safety and Environmental
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • NVL Laboratories, Inc.
  • Pace Analytical Services, Inc.​

  • ​PathCon Laboratories
  • QuanTEM Laboratories
  • RJ Lee Group, Inc.
  • RTI International
  • SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.
  • SanAir Technologies Laboratory, Inc.
  • Schneider Laboratories Global, Inc.
  • Scientific Analytical Institute, Inc.
  • SGS Galson Laboratories
  • Travelers Laboratory 
  • TRI Air Testing
  • University of Washington
    – Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

For the third time in as many years, AIHce EXP 2017 also featured a Laboratory Testing Track – a collection of courses and sessions identified as relevant to laboratory testing, sampling and analysis, the goal of which was to attract more laboratory personnel participation. AIHA-LAP sponsored a special session entitled, Operational and Strategic Planning organized and moderated by Robert Lieckfield Jr., CIH (Bureau Veritas/Maxxam Analytics). The session was expanded this year to a full-day, broken up into four parts to appeal to a wider range of laboratory professionals. Among the topics included in this year's session, which attracted 80 attendees, were: the value and the need for accreditation, operational excellence, new accreditation Standards, accreditation for mobile and field sampling and measurement organizations, and emerging sensor technologies. The session also included discussion on the importance of data quality. 

Finally, the Analytical Accreditation Board (AAB) met in Seattle before the start of AIHce EXP 2017 where many important policy matters were discussed. In addition, plans were made with regard to implementing the new ISO/IEC 17025 once it is released. 

AIHA-LAP Evaluation Conducted

During the week of July 10, 2017, AIHA-LAP underwent an evaluation by peers from two international regional bodies – the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) and the Inter American Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC). The evaluation, conducted for continued recognition by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), involves a comprehensive review of our records and operations (much like a laboratory site assessment), and includes the witnessing of AIHA-LAP site assessments. Once the evaluation team finalizes its report and presents its recommendation to APLAC and IAAC, the regional bodies will each deliberate on AIHA-LAP’s continued recognition at their upcoming meetings held this Fall and early next year. 

Update on Revision of ISO 17025

ISO’s Conformity Assessment Standards Committee or CASCO has finally published the FDIS version of ISO 17025 – the Standard by which our labs are accredited. Originally, it was thought that the FDIS version would be published in May. As reported earlier, the revised Standard will look different due to the following adoption of requirements: 

  • Expanded traceability requirements, 
  • Expanded complaints requirements, 
  • Separate testing and calibration requirements,
  • The inclusion of sampling as a laboratory activity, and 
  • Terms and concepts new to the Standard like risk and impartiality.

AIHA-LAP accredited laboratories will be notified when the revised Standard is released in late 2017 and will be provided information about the implementation timeline and training for its accredited labs. For more information, contact Cheryl Morton.

Guidance Document Availa​ble for Silica Labs

As reported in earlier editions of the LAP newsletter, OSHA issued a final rule in March 2016 lowering the permissible exposure limit for crystalline silica, see here. The new rule requires employers to ensure that laboratories analyzing air samples for respirable, crystalline silica are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by an accrediation body that is compliant with ISO/IEC Standard 17011:2004. Included in Appendix A of this rule, which will go into effect next month, are procedures that employers must look for when using laboratories to analyze air samples of crystalline silica. The Analytical Accreditation Board (AAB) has conducted a review of the Appendix, and prepared a table for the laboratories accredited to conduct silica analysis to use as a resource. The purpose of this document is to allow silica-accredited laboratories to demonstrate they can adequately conduct sampling and analysis of crystalline silica, and can be responsive to Appendix A as they respond to their clients. All accredited silica labs will receive this table via email. Pease contact Cheryl Morton if you do not receive the email, or if you have any questions about the rule or this document. 

Webinars Planned fo​r New LAP Online Database 

AIHA-LAP is progressing on the development of its online database that will replace the current data management system, and make the accreditation process more efficient for staff, volunteers, site assessors and stakeholders. The database will be a platform for the entire accreditation process, and will cover everything from the submission of a lab’s application to the AAB accreditation decision. We are still on track to launch the new platform by year-end. Prior to its release, several webinars will be held in mid- to late-October to introduce volunteers, assessors, and accredited labs to the new system and its features. Look for more information about the webinar dates in the next 3 weeks. For more information on the new online database, please contact Geneva Bowman via email or at (703) 846-0791.

Expect 2018 Invoices ​This Fall 

AIHA-LAP expects to generate and send invoices (both paper and electronic) to its accredited labs this Fall using the new database (described above.) We greatly appreciate our laboratories’ patience while this year’s billing takes place. For billing assistance or more information about the 2018 invoices, contact Anthony Hodge via email or at (703) 846-0796. 

AIHA PAT Programs, LLC Now Ful​ly Accredited PT Provider

One of AIHA-LAP’s major proficiency testing providers, AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) Programs, LLC – has been granted ISO/IEC 17043 accreditation by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for all of its PT programs. The achievement of accreditation demonstrates AIHA PAT Programs’ competence to manage and perform the activities defined by its Scope of Accreditation. These activities include proficiency testing programs in the areas of Industrial Hygiene (IHPAT), Environmental Lead (ELPAT), Bulk Asbestos (BAPAT), Beryllium (BePAT), and both culture and direct examination of Environmental Microbiology (EMPAT). The accreditation is valid through April 2021.

August Synergist is the Lab​ Edition 

Please note that the August edition of the AIHA’s magazine, The Synergist, is dedicated to laboratory testing, sampling, and analysis topics. In addition to the cover story about beryllium analysis, the August 2017 edition includes interesting pieces written by and about AIHA-LAP volunteers:

Please click the links above to review the articles. If you are not an AIHA member and want to receive the August edition of The Synergist, please contact Cheryl Morton, Managing Director.

Social Media U​pdate

AIHA-LAP has initiated a soft launch of its own LinkedIn page and expects the site to be fully developed by the end of the month. Once the page officially goes live, all labs will receive an invitation to join the site. This will provide a means for AIHA-LAP to communicate substantive information and keep you updated on its activities. In the meantime, all accredited labs are encouraged to continue to follow AIHA-LAP on Twitter where we are constantly posting information and photos that you can re-tweet. 



What should laboratories app​lying for accreditation within the Environmental Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELLAP) know?

AIHA-LAP, LLC has a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which recognizes AIHA-LAP as an approved laboratory accrediting organization working in cooperation with the EPA National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program (NLLAP). Laboratories which are accredited by AIHA-LAP for the analysis of lead in the matrices of paint chips, dust and soil, will be recognized by the NLLAP as being capable of performing adequate analysis for lead in the matrix or matrices for which it has been accredited. In addition, accreditation as part of the AIHA program may include lead in air or composited wipes as additional matrices. To obtain copies of either the NLLAP Laboratory Quality Requirements or the NLLAP approved listing of laboratories, visit here


Congratulations to the Newly Accredited AIHA-LAP Labs This Quarter

​Lab ID ​​Lab Name​ ​Program
​167337 ​EMSL Analytical, Inc. ​ELLAP
​228303 ​Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. ​EMLAP
​224579 ​Indoor Air Quality Diagnostics ​IHLAP
​100118 ​State of Connecticut Department of Public Health, Dr. Katherine A. Kelly State Public Health Laboratory ​FoodLAP
​208306 ​Atlas Environmental Lab ​EMLAP
​100967 ​Maxxam Analytics ​Unique Scopes​ 


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