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Winter 2017 Newsletter

Look for Administrative Policy Changes in 2017  


At its November 2016 meeting, the Analytical Accreditation Board (AAB) agreed that AIHA-LAP would not pursue a set of wholesale policy changes in 2017 due to the anticipated release of the revised Standard ISO/IEC 17025. Still, the AAB agreed to move forward with the following administrative policy changes: 

  • Updated definitions in Module 9 for "In-House Quality Control Samples"
  • Revised Module 4 language on immediate suspension of laboratories
  • Addition of PCR FoT for EMLAP
  • Removal of specific personnel qualification from AIHA-LAP Policy Modules 2A, 2B and 2E

AIHA-LAP expects to release these policies and a revised Accreditation Application by February 10 with an immediate effective date. Accredited laboratories are encouraged to review the revised application and policy documents listed which will be posted to the AIHA LAP website.

New Accreditation Symbo​ls to be R​​eleased

Along with the policy changes cited above, AIHA-LAP announced that it will also be amending Module 7 to release its updated accreditation symbols. The updated symbols have a new design with different but related color palettes for each program that will create a better display on marketing materials.


Accredited laboratories that opt to use the symbols to advertise their accreditation will be given until February 2018 to incorporate the new symbols into their applicable laboratory documents. Any laboratory wishing to use the new symbol should contact Lauren Schnack about executing a new Licensing Agreement.    


AIHA LAP to Offer PCR Accreditation under E​MLAP


Good news for microbiology labs performing analysis by PCR, qPCR or ELISA! The AAB has approved the inclusion of a new Field of Testing for these molecular techniques under the Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Accreditation Program (EMLAP). This will give laboratories involved in these cutting-edge microbiological techniques a chance to demonstrate that they are technically competent and have quality management systems in place. This new PCR FoT is available for EMLAP labs testing any microbiological analyte that is detected by PCR, qPCR or ELISA techniques. Popular analyses include Legionella pneumophila by PCR or qPCR; Allergen detection by ELISA; Avian Pathogens by PCR; Bacteroides by PCR; and, Endotoxin by ELISA. Interested labs should look for revised EMLAP policies on the AIHA LAP website shortly and can then apply for the new FoT by with selected analytes and the appropriate molecular technique for which they seek accreditation. For more information or assistance on completing an FoT application, please contact the AIHA-LAP staff.

AAB Appoints New AAB and TAP M​e​mbers

The Analytical Accreditation Board is pleased to announce that it has appointed the following experts to serve on the AAB and TAP beginning March 1, 2017:

Appointed to AAB: Program Area(s)

  • Chris Powell*: EMLAP 
  • Robert Lane Voorhies: IHLAP, ELLAP, EMLAP

Appointed to TAP: Program Area(s)​

  • Frank Ehrenfeld: IHLAP, ELLAP, Unique Scopes 
  • Tracey Earle*: IHLAP, ELLAP
  • Jason Dobranic: EMLAP, FoodLAP
  • Lisa Beach*: IHLAP, ELLAP
  • Tianbao Bai*: IHLAP, EMLAP
  • Alan Goldstein*: EMLAP, FoodLAP
  • Nancy McDonald: FoodLAP
  • Curtis Hedman: IHLAP, ELLAP, EMLAP, Unique Scopes 
  • Michael Brisson: IHLAP, Unique Scopes
  • Laura Melton: IHLAP 



The AAB would like to thank its colleague Frank Ehrenfeld (whose term on the AAB ends on February 28) for serving two terms on the AAB where he made significant contributions. Frank will be joining TAP beginning March 1. As well, the AAB acknowledges Claire Macdonald and Alethea Ramos (whose terms will also end February 28) for their dedicated service. Additionally, the AAB acknowledges Linda Neimor for her years of contributions to AIHA-LAP not only as a TAP member but for volunteering countless hours on the Policy Task Force and conducting training at past annual meetings. Linda has already stepped down from TAP because of changes that have taken place in her company. 

Please join us in congratulating the new AAB and TAP appointees and thanking departing AAB and TAP members for their service.


New Accreditation Specialist Joins the ​Team 


Drake McGregor has joined the accreditation LLC staff on October 31 as an accreditation specialist. Drake is a recent graduate from Penn State University with a BS in Biology. In college, he had several internships and also held positions as a quality assurance intern and research assistant. After graduation, Drake worked at Enterprise Holdings where he expanded his customer service skills. Fortunately for us, he was looking for a more scientific position.  Drake can be reached via email or at 703-846-0739.  


AIHA LAP Welcomes a New Site ​Assessor 


AIHA-LAP is pleased to announce that Dixie Marlin has joined the site assessor ranks having undergone and successfully passed all required training. Dixie has considerable experience with organic chemistry and microbiology, industrial hygiene analyses, metals, wet chemistry analyses, environmental lead, asbestos by PCM, PLM and TEM, aquatic toxicity, cryptosporidium/giardia , mold and various specialty analyses. She began her career at the University of Kentucky, Department of Agronomy, before moving to the UK Regulatory Services Department supporting the state's agricultural regulatory program. She later served in a position in soil chemistry research at the University of Cincinnati, Center Hill Research Facility (a Superfund site.) Dixie also worked for DataChem Laboratories-Cincinnati, as a GC/MS chemist then as a QA/QC coordinator; for Environmental Science Corporation as a technical specialist/QC manager; and, for Accutest Laboratories, Inc. as a functional validation manager. Dixie now owns and operates a consulting company performing various supporting activities in commercial laboratory operations. She is an EPA-approved drinking water assessor for organics and Cryptosporidium.  


Upgraded Data Management System La​unch Now Planned for Spring 2017


AIHA-LAP continues to work with its vendor on upgrading the LAP data management system, resulting in an online platform for the entire accreditation processes and cover everything from the application phase to the AAB accreditation decision. The new platform is now expected to launch this spring after which, training materials including, but not limited to webinars and videos to help our laboratories, volunteers and site assessors, will be developed. This new system will make the accreditation process more efficient for all those involved.  For more information, please contact Geneva Bowman via email or at 703 846-0791.

Please be advised that the Proficiency Testing (PT) requirements have changed from Internal PT to an accredited provider for the following FoT(s):



The expectation with this change in the PT requirements was that if there was an accredited PT provider available, the laboratory would utilize the external PT. It was also agreed that that to ease the transition for these particular FoTs (gravimetric, CVAA, etc.), the laboratory would be allowed to alternate the form of PT (internal, external, internal, etc.). However, if the PT is not applicable to the laboratory's methodology we would continue to accept Internal PT as the main PT and have an exception on file for the lab. The lab should be prepared to provide evidence of compliance or a plan for compliance at the time of assessment. 

Please don't hesitate to contact the AIHA-LAP staff with questions about this change.


Notice About NVLAP TEM Asb​estos PT


AIHA LAP has learned that the NVLAP TEM Asbestos PT program is now offering only one round per year. Laboratories that are successfully participating in the NVLAP TEM PT will continue to meet AIHA-LAP PT requirements despite this change in round frequency. Please note that per Policy Module 6, laboratories have the option of identifying other equivalent PT programs (see ) and submitting information on other PT programs they wish to use to the AAB for approval. Some laboratories have opted to conduct internal PTs to supplement what they are doing with the NVLAP TEM PT Program but there is no AIHA LAP requirement to do so.  Please contact Lena Bulgakova with questions or for more information about the NVLAP TEM Asbestos PT Program.


NIOSH Method 2557 to be R​emoved from Scope Pages


Please note that the NIOSH Method for analyzing diacetyl (Method 2557) is now considered historical and is "no longer recommended for use" by NIOSH due to problems with humidity and an underestimation of true concentrations. Beginning January 30, 2017, AIHA-LAP will start to remove NIOSH Method 2557 from all scope pages of its IHLAP-accredited laboratories where it may be included. For more information on this Method and AIHA-LAP's plans to remove it from our laboratories' IHLAP scope pages, please contact AIHA-LAP offices.  


Revised ISO/IEC 17025 to Be ​Released this Fall 


ISO's Conformity Assessment Standards Committee or CASCO is currently undertaking a revision of ISO 17025:2005 - the Standard by which our labs are accredited. The revised Standard will look different due to the following adoption of requirements to: 

  • Make the Standard more performance-based
  • Address impartiality
  • Expand traceability requirements
  • Expand complaints requirements
  • Separate testing and calibration requirements

AIHA-LAP accredited laboratories will be notified when the revised Standard is released and along with information about the implementation timeline. AIHA will also be conducting webinars and training all site assessors, volunteers and accredited laboratories. 


Laboratory Testing Track will be P​art of AIHce


AIHce 2017 will be held in Seattle this year (June 4–7) and registration is officially open. A number of AIHA-LAP accredited labs will be exhibiting along with AIHA-LAP staff so there will be plenty of opportunities for attendees to learn more about how to access reliable laboratory testing and the importance of accreditation. A new Laboratory Testing track has also been added to the education program that may prove informative for lab exhibitors and other attendees from labs. This track is a grouping of education courses and sessions identified as being useful for laboratory personnel and persons interested in improving their knowledge of laboratory testing and analysis. There will also be a 4-part education session on June 6 entitled “Operational and Strategic Planning in Laboratories.” It will cover a host of important emerging topics and information for laboratory personnel.  For more information, search the education sessions here.


Click here for more information on the Laboratory Testing track.   


What is Unique Scop​es Accreditation?


Unique Scopes Laboratory Accreditation Program is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 only accreditation. AIHA-LAP, LLC established this accreditation to accommodate consumer product testing accreditation and accreditation for other types of testing not typically part of the IHLAP, ELLAP, EMLAP, and FoodLAP programs. To learn more about this program visit here.


How do I find a Unique Scope accredited lab? You can find a list of all of our accredited labs on our website. For a Unique Scope accredited lab please visit here.





The following laboratories were accredited for the first time by AIHA-LAP or were accredited for the first time for new AIHA-LAP program(s) in Q4 of 2016​:

​Lab ID Lab Name​ Program(s)​
167337 ​EMSL An​alytical, Inc. ​EMLAP
220804 ​Environmental Analysis Associates, Inc. ​EMLAP
Unique Scopes
​101513 ​Pantex Industrial Hygiene Laboratory ​IHLAP
​223912 ​EMSL Analytical​​, Inc. ​EMLAP



To review the full list of our newly accredited and reaccredited labs each month, click here.​​

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