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Summer 2018 Newsletter


2018 Accreditation Policies R​eleased

​AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC published its 2018 Accreditation Policies and ancillary documents on July 2, 2018.  A compilation of all the revised accreditation policy modules can be found under the LAP Policies and Guidelines in both the final revision and tracked changes format.  This compilation does not include modules for which no changes were made - Module 2C, 5, 6 and 8.  All final AIHA LAP Accreditation Policy Modules are still available on the website.  

AIHA-LAP Policies are being revised to reflect ISO/IEC 17025:2017, general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories that was published in November 2017. The 2017 version of the standard was re-structured and gives labs more flexibility to meet requirements.  AIH-LAP likewise eliminated many terms and some of the more prescriptive requirements to make AIHA-LAP Policies more in line with ISO/IEC17025:2017.

The 2018 Accreditation Application is also available on the website while the Site Assessor Checklist can be obtained upon request but requires proof of purchase of the ISO 17025:2017 Standard. You can find the Affidavit in the LAP Forms section of our website. As these Policies became effective immediately, only the 2018 Accreditation Application and Site Assessment Checklist will be accepted as of July 2.  Also, all AIHA-LAP assessments including surveillance and follow up assessments will be conducted against the 2018 AIHA-LAP Policies.  AIHA-LAP laboratories that are assessed to the new Policies, can receive updated laboratory-specific accreditation symbols that will include ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in the symbol design.  

In addition to a webinar, AIHA-LAP will make a FAQ and other guidance available to its accredited laboratories should contact the AIHA-LAP office with questions or for more information about the 2018 Policies.   

ISO 17025:2017 Webinar Now Av​ailable 

AIHA-LAP is pleased to announce that it is making a free webinar available to all of its accredited labs once they show proof of purchase of the revised standard.  The webinar is a recorded presentation given by Ronald Peters in which he highlights the key differences between ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and the revised Standard.  All AIHA-LAP accredited laboratories in good standing can access the webinar and print out presentation slides.  Please email proof of purchase of the standard to Olena Bulgakova to receive access to the webinar. 

CPSC Releases Guidance in Response to Revised Standard

With the release of the revised ISO/IEC 17025:2017 CPSC has released guidance on their continued acceptance of third party accreditation bodies. Get the latest news here.​ 

Two Site ​Assessors Retire

Longtime Site Assessor Roy Covert officially retired on July 1, 2018.  An experienced laboratory professional, Roy helped initiate both the industrial hygiene and lead programs and has assessed in both areas since the programs’ inception.  Roy says he has conducted nearly 600 site assessments during visits, his tenure that spanned over 40 years. The AIHA-LAP staff joins other Site Assessors, volunteers from the Analytical Accreditation Board and Technical Advisory Panel and the hundreds of labs Roy has assessed in thanking him for his commitment and plain hard work over the years.  Roy will be honored at the AIHA-LAP Annual Meeting that will be in March 2019.  In the meantime, feel free to send Roy an email at should you wish to congratulate or wish him well on his retirement. 

Site Assessor Pauline Lambert also retired from AIHA-LAP in April 2018.  Pauline had been an assessor for 10 years conducting industrial hygiene, lead and microbiology program assessments.  Pauline joined the Site Assessor ranks after she retired from ESA Laboratories where she worked for 20 years. AIHA-LAP thanks Pauline for the thorough assessments she conducted and her commitment to the LLC.   

New Site Assessor Joins Site Assessor​ Ranks

AIHA-LAP is pleased to announce that Pamela Dulaney has been appointed as an AIHA-LAP Site Assessor for EMLAP having successfully completed all required training. Pamela has extensive experience in environmental microbiology, including research, field sampling, laboratory analysis, efficacy testing, and proficiency testing.  Pamela began her career with RTI International supporting research projects in the investigation of prevention and control strategies for biocontamination in indoor air, identifying indoor air allergens and biological toxins, research and processing samples from medical waste treatment technologies. Pamela also worked for DynCorp International performing efficacy testing of cleaning products, researching antibiotic and antibacterial resistance and managing proficiency testing for AIHA’s EMPAT program and CDC’s Mtb/NTM program. Pamela also assisted in creating a North Carolina-based division of Applied Environmental, Inc where her accomplishments include developing mobile bioterrorism test kits for NC-based first responders, completing a study on antibiotic and antibacterial resistance in skin bacteria, and managing the processing, analysis and reporting of roughly 1300 samples over a 3-month period. Welcome Pamela Dulaney! 

More Sit​e Assessors Sought

AIHA-LAP is still looking to expand its Site Assessor team and is looking for assessors, whether available part time or full-time.  As an AIHA-LAP Site Assessor, you will have opportunities to visit laboratory sites all over the country and world, auditing them to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. AIHA-LAP will provide training needed for our policies to get started as well as host training refreshers yearly. If you would like more information and to inquire about the position, please contact Geneva Bowman.

EPA Proposes Lower Dust-Lead Haz​ard Standards

EPA published a proposed rule to review the dust-lead hazard standards and the definition of lead-based paint. Specifically, EPA is proposing to lower the dust-lead hazard standards from 40 µg/ft2 and 250 µg/ft2 to 10 µg/ft2 and 100 µg/ft2 on floors and window sills, respectively.  EPA is proposing no changes to the current definition of lead-based paint because the Agency currently lacks sufficient information to make such a change.  As AIHA-LAP informed its Environmental Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program laboratories last year, the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) lowered its action and clearance levels on floors in April 2017 which impacted labs that are recipients of certain HUD grants.  Should EPA finalize this rule as written, it will change detection and reporting limits for labs accredited under ELLAP. 

See a copy of the proposed rule​.

Comments must be submitted on or before August 16, 2018 and follow the online instructions for submitting comments, using docket number EPA-HQ-OPPT-2018-0166.


AIHA LAP at AIHc​e 2018

AIHA LAP staff and laboratories had a strong presence at AIHce 2018 that took place May 21-23 in Philadelphia, PA. Attendees had access to information and strategies they need to protect worker health as well networking opportunities to grow their professional network. This year’s conference also featured a Lab Track allowing laboratory professionals to learn more about lab health and safety or the latest on laboratory testing, sampling and analysis. Bob Lieckfield (Maaxum Analytics/BV) organized a four-part Special Session — Days of Our Lives: Practical Applications for the IH Laboratory and Their Customers that received a lot of positive feedback. The expo portion of the conference featured vendors and services, like AIHA-LAP, from across the OEHS spectrum. AIHA-LAP is proud to have been a part of AIHce 2018 and we look forward to seeing everyone next year!

IOHA Conference to Include AIHA LAP Presenta​tion     

AIHA-LAP is pleased to announce that Managing Director Cheryl Morton will make a presentation at the upcoming the International Occupational Health Association (IOHA) Conference that will take place in September 24-26, 2018 in Washington DC.  The conference is for occupational hygiene professionals from across the world and provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise through a varied array of quality, peer-reviewed presentations.  The theme of this year’s conference is "Bringing Better Health to Workers Worldwide."  

Morton’s presentation entitled, “International Agreement Creates Confidence in Testing” will focus on how the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) Mutual Recognition Agreement offers a way for any business to be confident that a testing laboratory it uses in its own country or abroad is a competent.

For more information or to register, please visit


AIHA LAP C​elebrates World Accreditation Day for 44 Days 

June 9 marked World Accreditation Day 2018. Established by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the International Accreditation Forum, World Accreditation Day is celebrated each year to raise awareness of the importance of accreditation activities. This year, the focus of World Accreditation Day was on the role that accreditation plays in delivering a safer world. Worker safety is what AIHA had in mind when it established its Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Accreditation Program in 1974 — a program for laboratories analyzing samples to evaluate workplace exposure to chemical hazards.  So, AIHA-LAP will celebrate World Accreditation Day 2018 for 44 days to commemorate its 44-year history of accrediting industrial hygiene laboratories that have played a huge role in worker safety.  Each day beginning August 17 through September 30, we will recognize program milestones, IHLAP laboratories first accredited as well as those accredited for 20 and 25 years.  We will also recognize outstanding volunteers and site assessors during the IHLAP tenure and have all kinds of special announcements including an IHLAP Trivia Game.  Stay tuned for announcements for 44 days on the AIHA LAP website.  


What is World Accreditation Day?

World Accreditation Day was established by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the International Accreditation Forum to raise awareness of the importance of accreditation activities around the world.  World Accreditation Day is celebrated each year on June 9. This year, the focus of World Accreditation Day is the role that accreditation plays in delivering a safer world. As in previous years, the day was celebrated across the world with the hosting of major national events, seminars, and press and media coverage, to provide the opportunity to explore how accreditation can help deliver a safer world and to support businesses, government and regulators to find standards, conformity assessment and accreditation tools to support them in this goal.

Although June 9, 2018 has come and gone, AIIHA LAP will continue to celebrate its industrial hygiene labs and the role they play in worker safety.  Our World Accreditation Day celebration will span over 44 consecutive days using our social media platforms.  Why 44 days?  AIHA established its Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Accreditation Program 44 years ago and from the time the first 26 IH labs were accredited in 1974, IHLAP labs have been committed to helping  AIHA members and others in the IH community evaluate and address workplace exposure.    For more information on World Accreditation Day 2018 visit here. Be sure to check out AIHA LAP’s Twitter feed and Facebook page beginning August 17 through September 28 for special acknowledgements, facts and other important announcements including how to enter a Trivia Contest.  Happy World Accreditation Day!


Congratulations to LJT and Associates, Inc in Wallops Island, VA (Lab ID 23056) for becoming a newly-accredited IHLAP laboratory!  

Updated: 8/24/2018 11:57 AM