​​​Complaints can be filed against AIHA LAP personnel, its services, or an AIHA LAP accredited laboratory. Complaints made against personnel will be delegated to individuals not involved in the activities in question to ensure an unbiased investigation and decisions are made.

Investigation and decisions on complaints shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the complainant.

Complaints can be submitted using the form below. Before filing a complaint regarding an AIHA LAP, LLC accredited laboratory, an attempt should be made to obtain a resolution from the accredited laboratory directly. This form can also be used if a false claim of accreditation is suspected.

Upon receipt of a complaint, AIHA LAP will review the information submitted and, if applicable, conduct an investigation.

AIHA LAP will communicate with the complainant throughout the complaints process, including:

  • acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint;
  • progress reports of the investigation (if applicable); and,
  • upon closure of any applicable investigation, the investigation's outcome, keeping in mind that the appropriate level of information will be disclosed.

AIHA LAP considers complaint details to be confidential information and, unless authorized by the complainant, will not disclose the identity of the complainant unless required by law.​​​​​​​​​​

* = denotes a required field.

Include organization's name, certificate number.
Please submit as much information as possible about the problem/incident. The details you provide will allow us to investigate and resolve your concerns. Where possible, please describe the exact nature of your concern, include names of individuals involved, and dates of the associated incident.