AIHA LAP​​ Approved Proficiency Testing Programs and Round Robins

AIHA LAP formally approves third-party proficiency testing and round robin programs for its accreditation programs and accepts data from these programs for certain Fields of Testing (FoT). AIHA LAP will consider other programs for approval per AIHA LAP Policy Module 6 via the Analytical Accreditation Board Proficiency Testing Task Force. Contact Accreditation Staff​ for approval information. Note: Those third-party proficiency providers submitted with the Accreditation Application that are not already on this approved provider list will be submitted to the Task Force for approval as part of the administrative review process.

List of approved proficie​nc​y testing programs and round robins by program

Additional resources​ for proficiency testing programs

AIHA LAP will review and potentially accept to this list any Proficiency Testing Program submitted that the PT analyte falls within the Laboratory Accreditation Program scope. Please find additional programs for submission through the European Proficiency Testing Information System (EPTIS).

Assistance in finding partners for required round robin programs

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1001 Appendix A requires that any laboratory analyzing asbestos samples for compliance determination participate in round robin testing at least once every 6 months with at least two other independent laboratories. For more information, please contact AIHA LAP Staff.

AIHA Policy 2D.6.3.2 requires that laboratories seeking accreditation for Air Fungal Direct Examination (Spore Trap) participate in a similar round robin slide exchange program. For more information please fill out the Direct Exam Round Robin Request form.