What are the criteria for accreditation?

The main program requirement areas are:

1) Personnel qualifica​tions

Please see the AIHA LAP Laboratory Accreditation Policies, Module 2A, Section 2A.6.2.

2) Particip​ation in an AIHA LAP approved Proficiency Testing program

Before a laboratory enters the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Program, it is required to participate in an AIHA LAP approved Proficiency Testing program for all categories of analytes that are part of the services provided by the laboratory.

Data obtained from participation in a PT program is considered in the decision.

3) Fa​cilities

A laboratory must have adequate space, facilities, and equipment for the services provided.

4) Quality ​control & equipment

Routine quality control procedures must be an integral part of a laboratory's procedures and functions. A quality assurance plan (a working document itemizing the day to day implementation of the laboratory's quality assurance and quality control procedures) will be evaluated.

5) Laboratory records

The laboratory must maintain proper and adequate records and files. A sample numbering and tracking system, analytical data, analytical results, report format, records of analytical data, and reporting of the quality control data will be evaluated.

6) Methods of anal​ysis

The methods used by the laboratory, including a method review program, will be evaluated to determine that accepted and documented industrial hygiene laboratory methods are used, approved by the laboratory director, made available to industrial hygiene analysts, and modified with the approval of the laboratory director.

7) Site as​sessments

Site assessments of laboratories are conducted by trained, experienced assessors contracted by AIHA LAP. These assessments will generally take place once every two years unless additional site assessments are deemed necessary by the Analytical Accreditation Board.

For more information on the Unique Scope Program, contact AIHA LAP at (703) 846-0736.​