A recent revision update has been made to AIHA LAP’s Certificate and Scopes of Accreditation incorporating several important changes. Please note the following updates have been made to the Certificate and/or Scopes of Accreditation:

  1. New language has been added to the Certificate noting the Scope must be displayed with the Certificate to be considered valid.
  2. The Expiration Date for each accredited program will now appear on the programs corresponding Scope, in addition to the Certificate.
  3. Legal Entity Names different from the public Laboratory Name will now also be listed on the Certificate and Scopes, in addition to the public Laboratory Name.
  4. Products and Materials is now listed in addition to the Component, Parameter, or Characteristic Tested in the column header of all Scopes.

The updated Certificate and Scopes are now available for download from our Directory of Accredited Organizations, and laboratories are strongly encouraged to retrieve their updated documents as soon as possible. Find for your accredited laboratory’s documents by searching your Laboratory ID number; please be sure to use the following format for the Lab ID: “LAP-XXXXXX” (note: LAP should be in all caps). Once searched, you may view and download your current certificate and scope by clicking the Certificate or Scope Document link. If no certificate is available this could be due to a laboratory suspension or withdrawal.

If you have any questions on how to download your documents from the directory, please contact Keelyn Crossin, kcrossin@aiha.org, or Taylor Adams, tadams@aiha.org for assistance.